Grotesque Burlesque is a non-spectator event.

This party is all about art. It’s a party by artists, for artists. It’s a space for art to unfold in incredible, spontaneous and unpredictable ways. This is an ambitious event which is much more fun when the magic unfolds in unpredictable ways with surprising acts awaiting in every corner.

Everyone is encouraged to take an active role, to become what is called Participants. This means creating an experience not only for yourself but for others at the event. As you move through the event, you encounter curious happenings, you are engaged by others and thus, engage people yourself, and, in this way, it becomes a participatory event wherein you are active and contribute to the event as a whole.

Dressing up is just the beginning. For each event we have a theme, and we encourage you to take on the theme as a challenge, pushing your own creative boundaries and finding intriguing ways to create a moment of interaction at the event. Read all about our next theme and event here.

Some examples of themes we’ve had include:

Dark City, Dreamy Dystopia

  • Creatures from the underworld exploring the party and grasping on to guests as they pass by
  • An incredible croquis drawing corner with marvellous models

Way out West, Vaudeville Grotesque Burlesque

  • An absinthe tasting station
  • A roll in the hay
  • A washer woman to wash your more delicate clothing

Wicked Waltzes at the Russian Cabaret Verboten

  • An old fortune teller, telling tales of your former life and future life
  • A kissing booth

Delusional Fairy Tales, Gardens of the Grimm and the Graceful

  • A secret messenger service by Little Red Riding hood
  • A mad hatter tea party
  • A haunted forest of curiosities

If you want to take part: do an act, an in-crowd happening, start a spontaneous drum circle, spread craziness and joy, and be part of creating a fantastic party, fill out the form via the link above, or email us at with your concrete idea, and we’ll send more info about participating and a discount code.

If you have any artistic urge, tell us about your art, ideas, and if you want to join the team of volunteers and staff. We do not pay performers, the party is participatory in nature, and everyone contributes to create it.