Our final event was in 2019 after 10 incredible years of creating unique experiences with unbelievable characters.

To find out what we’re up to these days, please visit the Copenhagen Burlesque Club on Facebook. Scroll down to see our past events.

We’ve been creating magical nights of participatory art since 2009. We’ve had an incredible team, from the first event with 150 crazy people gathering to perform and dance the night away, and growing through venues and years to arrive at our home at Damhuskroen. Our last event was in 2019 – and now we are transforming, and evolving to become something new. We’ve gathered some wonderful memories below of the past events, enjoy and thank you so much to everyone in the community who made this come to life each and every time.

2009 – 2010: Copenhagen Burlesque

2010: Copenhagen Burlesque: Freaky Friday Grotesque Burlesque

2011: Copenhagen Grotesque Burlesque: Opera of the Underworld

2011: Copenhagen Grotesque Burlesque: Boudoir Bizarre

2012: Copenhagen Grotesque Burlesque: Palace of Forbidden Acrobatics

2012: Copenhagen Grotesque Burlesque: Musique Erotique

2013: Copenhagen Grotesque Burlesque: Wicked Waltzes at the Russian Cabaret Verboten

2013: Copenhagen Grotesque Burlesque: Persian Decadence & Subconscious Uprising

2014: Copenhagen Grotesque Burlesque: Dark City Dreamy Dystopia

2014: Copenhagen Grotesque Burlesque: Way Out West: Vaudeville Grotesque Burlesque

2015: Copenhagen Grotesque Burlesque: Delusional Fairy Tales: The Garden of the Grimm and the Graceful

2016: Copenhagen Grotesque Burlesque: GOLD!

2017: Copenhagen Grotesque Burlesque: Night of the Kabukimono

2018: Copenhagen Grotesque Burlesque: The Baroque Ball of The Dashing Duke

2019: Copenhagen Grotesque Burlesque: Trashformation: Creatures of the Deep