At Copenhagen Grotesque Burlesque nothing is ever too much. We deeply support your desire to create magnificent costumes and sublime participatory moments.

If you find yourself thinking ‘What shall I wear? Where do I buy it, how do I make it?’ fear no more! Creating your own costume can be tough, especially if you don’t know how to start or where to get the materials. This page offers inspiration and suggestions for where to find stuff.

At Copenhagen Burlesque we highly encourage one-of-a-kind costumes, meaning that we LOVE when you put time and creative energy into making the exquisite, ravishing, colourful, inviting, and mind-blowing attires we see at the parties.

You can get most of the things you need on-line, or just shop around for inspiration, here’s some links to get you started:

First, our partners: 


We are proud to support the start-up, sustainable, amazing women behind EcoSparkles, the biogradable glitter company. You can almost always find them at our events, and they ship quickly – so shop here:

Visit Lust at Mikkel Bryggersgade 3a for a 10% discount by showing your ticket from Copenhagen Grotesque Burlesque. You can read all about them on their website –

Then, some places we like to shop:
(Note: Copenhagen Grotesque Burlesque is not affiliated to any of the below).  

For fabric, feathers and sewing materials try:

For leather:

For making hats, all and any ribbon needs, and feathers:

For random wonderful things that you can assemble into a costume (remember, repetition makes the brain happy):

Remember, most things can be bought at either sales (when H&M has a clearance, go, shop, and be creative!) or check out the flea-market calendar to both get some fun and intriguing pieces, and at a bargin. We’ve seen people use picture frames, door handles, and all types of paraphernalia to accessorize their costume.

Remember, Copenhagen Grotesque Burlesque is a community of creative individuals and groups. Check out our Facebook pages to find people to help you:

Burlesque Clothing Exchange:

Copenhagen Grotesque Burlesque Group (5000+ members who are all eager to be creative with you, just ask!):

If you’re really stuck, or have a great idea and don’t know how to execute it, try sending us an email at and we can maybe even convince to become a Participant!

Become Inspired!

For every event, we create two Pinterest boards: 1)to inspire you with photos of costumes relating to the theme and 2)to share Do-it-yourself and How-To guides on how to create costumes. Check out our Pinterest boards here, and get a preview of them below.