Here’s a few of the answers to questions we’re commonly asked. If we haven’t covered your question here, please first check out the website and then contact us.


Participatory art party means that you, as a guest, become a Participant. You join the party, and contribute to everyone’s experience, including your own. It is a non-spectator event, there is of course, lots to see, but there is more to do, and we hope you will join us as a Participant so you can contribute to the creation of things to do.


We’re glad you asked. For each party, we have a theme, and a strict dress code. Strict in the sense that it must be creative and unexpected. Read all about our dresscode here, and read up on how to create your costumehere.


Unfortunately not. However, to help you out, we’ve created this Facebook group:

Copenhagen Grotesque Burlesque Ticket Exchange

Tickets usually sell out quickly and people are eager to buy here, however, we must remind you that you must not sell your ticket at a higher cost than you bought it for.

If you give your ticket to your friend, they may use it at the door, the first person to use the barcode gets in.


Glitter is sadly not allowed. If it’s really big pieces of confetti style glitter, sure, but remember, we have to leave the venue in better condition than we found it. So:

  • No glitter
    • NOTE: We encourage people to use EcoSparkles – glued on bodies and on face. https://www.ecosparkles.dk/
  • No fake blood
  • No real blood
  • No liquid latex
  • No flour
  • No jam
  • No sticky, liquidy things that will destroy carpets, curtains, chairs, or be impossible to vacuum up again.

Trust us, we’ve tried it all (fake blood, jam and flour combined) and it is not fun the next day. So please help us create an incredible party without these, or other things that cause us to cry the day after.


Since this is a participatory art party, we encourage everyone to do in-crowd performances, and engage the other participants in your performance. You can read all about how to be aParticipant here. We occasionally have on-stage performances. These are extremely high energy, unique, and unusual performances. If you feel like this might be something for you, please email us at participate@copenhagenburlesque.dk and tell us all about it.

Some of the guiding principles for Copenhagen Grotesque Burlesque is creativity and do-it-yourself-attitude. Rather than buy a costume, we love to see what you can make by yourself (or with a little help). With a little inventiveness, anyone can make an affordable costume. You will be amazed what can be found in the treasure troves of second hand shops and perhaps modified with a pair of scissors, some needle and thread, a dash of paint and a glue gun. If you lack ideas, check out our Inspiration page, our Pinterest board, or sign up one of our costume workshops which will be announced on our Facebook page.

Copenhagen Grotesque Burlesque strives to be inclusive – all you need is to show up in something festive and personal, which relates to the theme in even the most abstract sense. This is the night to let your creativity flow, and we love to be surprised both at how uniquely weird, and also how simple a costume can be. If you need approval or guidance, write an email to dresscodeguide@copenhagenburlesque.dk; we’d love to help you figure how to get started and check out our Dresscode page for many tips on how to get started.