What is Trashformation: Creatures of the Deep?

Grotesque Burlesque: Trashformation – Creatures of the Deep is hereby announced! We invite you to join the creatures of the deep on the 6. April as they converge, showing off incredible creations made from the surface-dweller’s trash and turned into treasures. The next Grotesque Burlesque is upon us, and it’s time to start preparing. Read more in the event info, here: https://www.facebook.com/events/272870770096735/

Deep down, in the farthest depths of the sea, a strange and wondrous population of creatures has been discovered. At these depths, conditions are so extreme, that only the highly adaptable survive. These creatures transcend traditional categories and classifications and have learned to transform their very physique in a way science can scarcely describe.

Much of the trash and rubbish that we surface-dwellers have discarded, gathers in the deep. And through evolution and metamorphosis, and perhaps a little bit of magic, the creatures have learned to transform the waste into tools and clothing, sometimes even merging with it, making it a part of their own bodies. In fact, they have flourished to such an extent that some now discuss whether they are sentient beings, capable of thinking, dreaming, creating and communicating – just like us.

Little is known about these creatures, for they live further down than any human can go. All we know is what we learned from probes we’ve sent down with cameras, and we learned one very important piece of information: On specific times, when the tides are right and the ocean currents intertwine, the creatures gather for what can best be described as a sort of festival. They move amongst each other in a rhythmic flow, showing off their creations and mutations, admiring and learning, sometimes even exchanging bits and trinkets to compliment each other. The gathering seems to have both social and innovational purposes, and involves complex forms of interaction.

With the latest developments, variety and diversity has exploded so that barely two of these creatures are alike, and there is no telling what richness in creativity and ingenuity will be observed at the next gathering, which is predicted to take place the coming spring.

Photography: Mads Høbye
Art direction: Malene Habroe
Graphic design: Malene Habroe