At the very minimum, Copenhagen Grotesque Burlesque is a crazy beautiful costume party. There is no way to be overdressed (seriously, people have tried). Your costume can be one that’s taken 6 months to make, or 6 hours. The point is, be creative and do the unexpected. Read below about this event’s themed dresscode.

For costume inspiration, see our what our beautiful guest have created throughout the years, or visit our Pinterest gallery .

Dresscode is STRICTLY Enforced!

We like to say that if people don’t literally stop and stare at you in the street, then it’s not allowed in the party. Jeans are an absolute no-go for starters. What we’re seeking is creative, playful, bold, unusual, and thoughtful costumes. Alongside jeans, we recommend steering clear of the costumes-in-a-bag variety unless you take them out of the bag, seriously adapt them and give them your own unique twist.

This doesn’t mean it needs to cost a lot! We’ve seen costumes made entirely of a bag of 20kr balloons, of gaffa tape, even of creative use of plastic spoons. Half of the challenge is in creating a character for the evening, a persona you take on, that lets you show your real self, or your alternate self, or a character who you would love to create and embody for the night.

The suspension of disbelief, that feeling that you’re really and truly in an incredible alternate universe, is affected by things that dilute the experience, such as jeans, ‘everyday’ clothes or typical, expected outfits. We have had to turn people away at the door, because our ambition is to create and maintain this suspension of disbelief and all our participants contribute to this incredible experience by working to create thoughtful costumes.


Every party has a theme and we encourage everyone to incorporate the theme into their costume. Some of our past themes and dress codes have been:

Trashformation: Creatures of the Deep

Keywords coming soon.

Pinterest: DIY Trashformation: Creatures of the Deep

Pinterest: Inspiration: Trashformation: Creatures of the Deep

The Baroque Ball at the Dashing Duke’s

Magnificent Musketeers, Dashing Dukes, Darling Duchesses, Cardinals, Courteous Counts, Acidic Alchemists, Busty Baronesses, Glistening Gondoliers, Ravenous Robbers, Countesses, Gallant Guards, Alluring Aristocrats, Prickly Priests, Covetous Courtesans, Risky Royals, Ragged Rogues, Gentle Generals, Mischevious Mercenaries, Acrobatic Assassins, Mysterious Marquises, Blushing Barons, Glittery Gypsies, Desirable Duelists, Dastardly Diplomats, Passionate Paramours, Desirous Dames, Lacey Ladies, Freaky Fortune Tellers, Gem-adorned Gentlemen, Conspicuous Conspirators, Mischievous Monks.

Way Out West: Vaudeville Grotesque Burlesque

Rhinestone cowboy, Prairie Preachers, Madame Moustache,Voluptuous Vultures, The good the bad and the very sexy, Gunslingers and Prostitutes, Wicked  Indians, Coyote Ugly, Native Princess, Pearls & Prisms, Gold diggers, Shamanic, Death Valley Dolls, Diamond Dave,, Decadent Debauchery, Top Hat & Horse Tails, Saloon Girl, Prairie Princesses, Steam Punk Cowboy Casanova, Surrealism, The Undertaker…

Dark City, Dreamy Dystopia

Burlesque, Dark Knight, Cirque de Soleil, Wicked Witch, Trapèze princess, Fishnet Fairy, Pantomime, Scissor Sister, Venice  Carnival, Punk de Luxe, Black  Princess, Victorian Wedding, Underworld creature, Apocalyptic Illusions, Gotham Goddess,  Dreams and Wonders, Decadent Drag, Modern primitive,  Berlin Cabaret…

Persian Decadence & Subconscious Uprising

1001 nights, ancient Arabia, concubines & princesses, warriors & war lords, Persian persuasion, wedding of the sultan, apocalyptic illusions, decadent  debauchery, immortal imitations, dreams and wonders, Farsian fantasies, modern primitive, theatrical surrealism, dreamlike reality, pearls & prisms…