The Line Up

The DJs

Some familiar faces, some new faces – here is the DJ line up!

Mortox Staromost

No one know exactly when it happened but in some point between the baroque and dark middle ages a lazer-unicorn came through a portal from another dimension carrying an infant Mortox and a Staromost on its back. HeMan found them and taught them to master the art of cello and oscillation and how to look awesome.

They have been playing Sci-fi cello techno and looking awesome ever since.

DJ Munchy

DJ Munchy is a veteran Copenhagen Grotesque Burlesque all-star. He’s grooved you, and moved you and kept your energy high as the largest palace ceilings in all of Venice.

DJ Åskar

Åskar is a genius troubadour who has traveled from Finland to meet the Barons and Dukes bringing his shamanistic and eastern styled house to the Duke’s Palace halls. Yet deep would describe him best, Åskar’s greatest skill is to feel people’s energy and use it as his instrument.

DJ Herr Hoffert

“Herr Hoffert braves the border controls from Sweden all the way into the heartland of Danish depravity. Usually his tagline is “Big band, balkan, bebop and bones!” but this time he promises to deliver a short, but intense, DJ-set containing only the sweatiest electro- and neo swing he could find. Although, one or two remixes of vintage classics may find themselves appearing out of nowhere… Swing it!”


DJ MiniMalene

”Great electronic music cannot be described. It is a feeling. In the right setting, it can become one with your body in a way that it starts to flow in your veins and beat with your heart. You’re in that moment and nothing else matters. For me, it is spiritualism.” 

DJ Per Rock

Per Rock is an “old cat”, who has dj´ed for the past 40 years, and his forces lies in his unique ability to seek tracks that is not known, but, have that feeling and urgency to dance! He loves to mix old school music with more contemporary sound. This night he will DJ a set of real old school sound in the beginning and end up with the lovely theme of Grotesque Burlesque. Do not miss out this unique chance to hear how Burlesque was, getting transformed into “how we want it today”.

DJ Tadoh

tadoh, Nicola when not behind the decks, is a DJ with a passion for slowhouse/chillrave/schneckno music. His sound, for the most part below the 115 bpm, combines groovy rhythms that invite you to the dancefloor, hypnotising loops to be rocked by and melodic, uplifting elements with roots in different corners of the planet. This said, his soft spot for ethereal techno bubbles up every now and then, when the place and the energy are just right.

The Stage Performers

An incredible group of talented performers, who the Duke and Duchess have personally approved!

Fräulein Frauke

Photo: Atelieri O. Hapaala

Fräulein Frauke is known around the world as The Saucy Songbird. She is one of Sweden’s top international burlesque showgirl´s, and her beautifully crafted acts and unusual take on classic burlesque has taken her far and wide. And she knows how to put on a great show – with Stockholm as her base, her club: “Fräulein Frauke Presents“, has grown to be the biggest burlesque and cabaret event in Sweden. On the 7. April, Fräulein Frauke will transform to become Madame Pompadour and will invite you to her boudoir…

Scarlett Martini

Scarlett is an Italian Burlesque and Fire performer. Her style is sassy and sensual, classic and ironic sometimes with a twist of dark atmosphere. She has been rated for 4 years in a row in the Burlesque TOP 50 by XXI Century Burlesque and rated Best performer in Italy and 2th best performer in Europe. She’s headlined many burlesque festivals and been featured in the film “Burlesque Assassins” she’s going to take you on an incredible journey at the Duke’s palace!


Tinus is a master of the craft of burlesque. Endlessly graceful in body and spirit, Tinus leads us on a journey of tantalizing decadence. With handmade couture costumes featuring thousands of individually placed gems and beads, and performances which have been carefully constructed to seduce every last person in the audience, Tinus has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide, has been featured on Denmark’s Got Talent, and in classic Revues, and also creates the spectacular Cabaret Bohemia. Truly a talent to behold!


Juda Bug is a high energy electro-swing band to get us into high dancing gear!


A little late night performer announcement for you! One of the most famous Gøglere in Denmark- Storken! His specialty is fakir tricks, sword swallowing and needles. You can see him getting out of chains in a way even Houdini would not be ashamed of. His 25 years of experience on the stage will give you the best Freak Show in Scandinavia! Part of UNFORGOTTEN!